Everyone in the United States is eligible to receive a public education. The law protects this fundamental right so that all children receive the education they need, regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, mental or physical capacities, or immigration status.

Education Law is the area of law that relates to both private and public educational institutions. This includes school systems, private schools, and teachers. It also includes the rights of Americans to public education and standards for those students who attend private schools.

The American Right to Education details how America has created the most educated citizens in the world. The U.S. public education system values education and develops a culture of achievement.

All states in the U.S. are required by their governments to provide public education to their students as a constitutional right. It is up to the individual states to decide what public schools will look like in the schools they establish. Each state has its school system and curriculum, which results in very different laws among the various states concerning the management of schools, teachers, and funding for public education.

Equal Opportunity for All Students

The Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974 states that no state can deny an equal opportunity to education to any individual based on race, color, sex, or national origin. Similarly, for children with disabilities, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act establishes a process for evaluating student needs and providing an education program tailored to that individual. Similarly, most states have supplemental laws expanding upon the educational rights of children with special needs.

Education standards are a set of criteria for students to meet. These standards specify what students should know by the end of each grade.

Education laws provide the basic standards for education, including how students are evaluated and what constitutes education. These laws may set the standards for teacher certification, state-adopted textbooks, and standardized testing, among other things.

The U.S. Department of Educations Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has compiled some additional resources about 504, making the school accessible to people with disabilities. These resources by OSEP include:

The 504 Resource Guide is a booklet to help schools create and maintain 504 plans. The booklet includes a section on the rights under 504 for students with learning disabilities.

The 504 Compliance Manual (The 504 Manual) is a document published by the Office of Civil Rights that outlines specific policies and procedures that schools and school districts must follow to meet their obligations under the 504 statute and regulations.