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The Hidden Force of Ego: How an Unchecked Ego Damages the Lives and Careers of So Many ....

Listen to This Podcast on:The happiest and most successful attorneys are often surprised when their success comes.You will do better when you stop prioritizing how things make you look and feel.When you remove yourself from the equation and just concentrate on what you can do, that feels right and m....

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What Do Unhappy Legal Careers and Bad Romantic Relationships Have in Common?

In my relationships, my career, and my life there were mistakes made that provide compelling lessons for your career.Relationships offer several insights into ourselves and how we are likely also to handle our careers.Few things are as powerful, formative, and essential to our long term development....

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The BCG Attorney Search 2022 State of the American Lateral Law Firm Market Report

The 2022 State of the Legal Hiring Market report by BCG Attorney Search is a comprehensive guide to the current state of the legal hiring market. Despite recent challenges, the legal hiring market remains strong, with law firms continuing to invest in their workforce and many candidates remaining in....

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The Number One Reason You Are Not Getting the Jobs You Want and May Be Unsatisfied in ....

With one question, a good employer can quickly and efficiently eliminate those who might otherwise be a perfect fit for a position—and they should.Anyone who knows what they are doing should not be hiring you if you do not have concrete reasons for working.Most people do not have good enough reaso....

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Ask Yourself These Questions If You Are Not Getting Job Offers, or Not Getting the Job ....

Listen to This Podcast on:It is common for law students, attorneys, and others to get job offers—and take jobs—that make them unhappy.It is common for law students and attorneys not to get offers after trying for a long time.Consequently, many give up on the practice of law entirely or take jobs....

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