Project Financing is most commonly used to finance projects such as power plants, highways, telecommunications infrastructure, etc. However, project financing can also be structured for the acquisition financing of companies and other projects.

Project Finance is often more complicated than traditional financing methods but has become much more popular in recent years. This is primarily due to the risk involved in these types of ventures.

While other lenders may not invest due to these risks, project finance can offer a way to provide capital while simultaneously distributing risk and ensuring profit to investors.

Project Finance involves financing a project, such as constructing a factory, a mine, or a railroad. It usually affects large, long-term projects, unlike traditional financing, which is generally done for more minor, shorter-term projects.

Project Financing offers to finance large capital goods, such as manufacturing equipment, aircraft, ships, and even power plants. It can be complicated to finance large construction projects, but project financing makes it easier because it's tailored to capital projects.