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Matern Law Group, PC

Legal services of the highest caliber can be found at Matern Law Group, PC. They epitomize excellence in a legal firm and boast of talented lawyers, a fantastic work atmosphere, strong leadership, and smooth operations. My strong recommendation goes to them.
Our interactions with Julia Cottrell were top-notch - professional and responsive.
Harrison Barnes

Founder of BCG Attorney Search and America's top legal recruiter

BCG Attorney Search works with over 25,000 law firms. Every month, tens of thousands of attorneys submit their resumes to Harrison, who works with less than 2% of them. Harrison knows quality and does whatever it takes to get his candidates jobs: Since 2000, Harrison has personally made thousands of placements and is undoubtedly the most effective legal placement professional in history.

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Salary Information from Survey of Current Attorneys by BCG Attorney Search

Law Firm
Los Angeles, California
6 years
Salary + Bonus
over $250,000
$50,001- $75,000
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