Catastrophic injuries or illnesses are injuries that have serious, long-term effects on the victim. These injuries can occur suddenly and without warning and are often so severe that the victim will often be left with permanent disabilities for the rest of their lives. These injuries often affect the victim's familythey may need constant supervision or assistance and will require lifetime rehabilitation and medical attention.

A catastrophic injury is a condition that often results in severe damage. It is often caused by: serious head trauma; accidental amputation; multiple bone fractures; eye injury; shoulder injury; foot injury; back injury; neck injury; brain injury; severe burns; organ damage; spinal cord and neurological disorders, which can result in paralysis; paraplegia; and quadriplegia.

Catastrophic Injury Law involves personal injury cases in which a victim has suffered extensive injuries.

These injuries can be caused by the negligent or intentional act of another or by a dangerous or defective product. Because there are so many variations in catastrophic injury law, some lawyers specialize in particular types of catastrophic injury. If a person wants to pursue a claim for compensation relating to a catastrophic injury, they will likely need the help of an experienced lawyer familiar with this type of law.

With capped economic damages, a severe injury victim or their loved one can face enormous financial burdens when they have almost no means to recover financial compensation for the damages.