Aviation Law is a highly specialized field with jurisdiction over all matters relating to the operation and use of aircraft. There is no single governing body for aviation law; therefore, cases involving aviation law are heard in courts worldwide, so you must choose an aviation law attorney with experience and an understanding of aviation law from a global perspective.

The field of aviation law includes litigation and legal practice on behalf of those suffering a loss or injury due to an aircraft tragedy, but also the defense against an aviation professional accused of violating Federal Aviation Regulations.

Though air traffic regulation policies, laws, and administrative agencies have been created by both federal and state governments, with certain restrictions preventing states from regulating routes, services, or the rates of all air carriers authorized to provide interstate air transportation by the Federal Aviation Act, states may alter existing remedies and enact state laws consistent with the federal mandate, in any case. Additionally, Federal law does not preempt state product liability law; more often than not, in most defective product cases, aviation manufacturers may be held strictly liable.