Animal or Wildlife Law involves laws and regulations governing the use, care of, and responsibilities of animals, wildlife, fish, and plants.

The body of law that pertains to animals is referred to as animal law or animal legal studies. These laws pertain to animal rights, welfare, activism, attacks, endangered species, and animals used in scientific research. Some more well-known cases include the Animal Welfare Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.


Animal and Wildlife Law covers various topics, from animal-related torts and contracts to criminal and constitutional applications, to housing disputes, divorces, insurance cases, and other situations that affect animals.

Animal and wildlife law can involve many different areas, such as criminal, contracts, torts, and even constitutional law. Much of the caseload these days involves wildlife issues such as regulation and hunting disputes or animal issues that overlap with other areas such as divorces, insurance disputes, and housing disputes over pets, all of which fall under animal and wildlife law.


The field of animal and wildlife law has grown in popularity so much that it is now taught as a specialty in over 119 United States law schools.