The unfortunate truth is that rollover accidents happen more often than you think. When they do, it can be beneficial to know in advance whom to contact and how to proceed.

The term "SUV" refers to a large vehicle that provides more passenger and cargo space than the typical car. In particular, it has high ground clearance, which improves its off-road capabilities. Some SUVs have very poor aerodynamics, making them more prone to rollover accidents.

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Since the 1950s, rollover-related accidents have been a significant cause of vehicle-related deaths and injuries in the U.S.

Unfortunately, rollover-related crashes are often the result of poor vehicle design or driver error.

All vehicles can experience rollover accidents. However, the cars most vulnerable are SUVs and full-sized vans. These vehicles have a higher center of gravity than a relatively narrow wheelbase. That higher center of gravity means these vehicles easily roll over.

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Public concern over rollover accidents resulted in the development of federal laws related to vehicle design and safety. Among the most important was the requirement that cars be designed with structural support to prevent the roof from collapsing in the event of a rollover.

However, many manufacturers failed to implement this requirement, meaning that many cars on the road still have insufficient roof support in case of an accident. Additionally, new warning signs have been implemented to warn drivers about risky road conditions associated with a vehicle rollover.

Product Liability

Many auto manufacturers make every effort to design their vehicles to avoid rollover accidents, using several design techniques, including the location of the center of gravity. But, despite their best efforts, cars can still experience a rollover accidents for various reasons.

Individuals injured in rollover accidents often seek recovery against auto manufacturers, alleging that the vehicle was inherently unsafe for its intended purpose. This is usually because of a vehicle's high center of gravity or lack of safety features. These cases are often highly complicated and rely heavily on the testimony of different experts, analyzing which factors of the vehicle and which elements of the human driver led to the accident.