Fashion Law relates to the legal and business side of the fashion industry. Unlike the widespread impression that fashion law only deals with protecting a new design from infringement, it includes everything related to fashion--from brand creation and management to distribution and sales.

The specialized (and growing) area of law known as fashion law (or fashion law) refers to the legal issues affecting the fashion industry, in particular intellectual property rights, contracts, commercial transactions, employment and labor laws, and customs.

Fashion Law is a field focused on the unique legal matters of the fashion, footwear, and apparel industries. Several American law schools (unlike many of the UK ones) have special programs that offer Fashion Law certificates, degrees, or a combination of both. This is an acknowledgment of the fashion industry's uniqueness compared to other industries in the arts, entertainment, and sports industries.

It is incredible how fashion sense can change so fast over time. But chic and innovative fashion is constantly challenging, inspiring us, and keeps us on our toes. The fashion world and its lawyers are no strangers to strange challenges, and this specialty has been around since the birth of the field.

Incorporating trademark laws governing "counterfeiting" and "brand infringement" also adds a unique challenge to the average fashion lawyer. Technological developments like the incorporation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the fashion industry, art pieces, and accessories have also changed the face of the fashion industry and will continue to do so.