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The BCG Attorney Search 2022 State of the American Lateral Law Firm Market Report

The 2022 State of the Legal Hiring Market report by BCG Attorney Search is a comprehensive guide to the current state of the legal hiring market. Despite recent challenges, the legal hiring market remains strong, with law firms continuing to invest in their workforce and many candidates remaining in....

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The Number One Reason You Are Not Getting the Jobs You Want and May Be Unsatisfied in ....

With one question, a good employer can quickly and efficiently eliminate those who might otherwise be a perfect fit for a position—and they should.Anyone who knows what they are doing should not be hiring you if you do not have concrete reasons for working.Most people do not have good enough reaso....

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Ask Yourself These Questions If You Are Not Getting Job Offers, or Not Getting the Job ....

Listen to This Podcast on:It is common for law students, attorneys, and others to get job offers—and take jobs—that make them unhappy.It is common for law students and attorneys not to get offers after trying for a long time.Consequently, many give up on the practice of law entirely or take jobs....

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The Five Reasons Law Firms and Legal Employers Do Not Hire You After an Interview

Listen to This Podcast on:A law firm cannot survive if it hires improperly.Once someone invites you for an interview, they do not care about your resume.They care about five different issues entirely—and the better you understand these, the better off you will be.Almost always, you get disqualifie....

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How to Construct a Legal Resume

Listen to This Podcast on:I have personally reviewed over 500,000 resumes of attorneys and law students who have applied to work with BCG Attorney Search.I’ve gotten jobs for thousands of attorneys by fixing their resumes.There are specific patterns in people who get the most interviews and jobs, ....

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How Law Firms and Other Hiring Organizations Can Determine if an Attorney Has the Qualifications to Do the Job They Are Hiring For

If you are hiring attorneys for your business, it’s important that you ask the right questions during interviews and h....

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The Top 15 Marketing and Sales Tricks Law Firms Use to Get You to Work There

Listen to This Podcast on:Conceptually, most law firms are very similar places to work.You are expected to sit down at a....

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The Four Types of Attorneys Inside of Law Firms: Are You a Finder, Minder, Binder or Grinder?

Knowing which one of the four types of attorneys you are matters a great deal to the future of your legal career.....

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How the 'Invisible Hand' Operates in Law Firm Employment Decisions: The Top 12 Most Important Factors Firms Consider When Hiring (and Firing) Attorneys

Learn how law firms and attorneys maximize their own self-interest in the hiring process and the most important factors....

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What is Bar Reciprocity and Which States Allow You to Waive Into the Bar?

Have you passed the bar in one state and want to work in another? Find out what your options are in this article.....

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How Mid-Sized Law Firms Stay Competitive and Attract the Best Attorneys

Attorneys often gravitate toward large or small firms after law school. Learn how mid-sized firms can remain competitiv....

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Guide to Law Firm Associate Hiring, Training, and Promotion

This in-depth guide shows you how to bring new associates into your firm and covers the hiring, training and promotion ....

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