What Happens to Your Firm When You Work with Harrison Barnes

As just about every attorney and law student in the United States knows, Harrison talks about attorney law firm careers for a living. Over 1,800,000 attorneys and legal professionals receive his newsletters, and hundreds of thousands more read his articles, watch his videos, attend his webinars, and listen to his podcasts weekly.

Watch what happens when Harrison Barnes unleashes his brands and reputation on your firm when your firm interviews and hires his people.

When you do business with Harrison, he meets this with an over-the-top public relations response that will build your firm and which money cannot buy. It is the best public relations deal in the business and you get candidates to boot.

Some of the Sites Harrison Owns that He Uses to Build His Clients’ Brands Are Are



The highest-trafficked legal job site in the world (where your firm has a profile). This is a legal job consolidator that has sent you tens of thousands of direct applications over the past decade (to your firms’ email contacts). We will give you a "highly recommended" link to your past and current jobs. Over 1,800,000 attorneys and legal professionals receive newsletters and jobs from this site weekly.

These current and expired jobs are viewed thousands of times per week. You can always post your jobs here: https://www.lawcrossing.com/employers/lcjpsignup.php

BCG Attorney Search.


BCG Attorney Search is the most trafficked legal recruiting Firm in the world (where you have a profile). When you do business with Harrison, your profile gets special attention from Harrison, including positive reviews from Harrison. Harrison also solicits positive reviews from attorneys who have worked at your Firm and posts them your profile as well. Search for your review and see if Harrison has said anything about you yet! If you have interviewed his candidates, the odds are good he has!

Over the past five years, over 750,000 attorneys have submitted resumes to BCG Attorney Search.

BCG Attorney Search has relationships with over 50% of the attorneys in the United States and has a choice of where to send our candidates.

If Harrison is sending you candidates; he likes your firm. This is a good thing. You can always log-in to your account and see active candidates and review them there. They are all organized online.

Each candidate receives extensive information about why your Firm is an excellent place to work. This constant public relation builds your brand among job seekers in the marketplace.
BCG Attorney Search is not a legal recruiting firm; we are a 200+ person technology company that has invested $200,000,000 in our database over the past 25 years.

If you receive candidates from us, our intelligence has concluded they are a good fit for your law firm and likely to stay and do well.

Harrison works with law firms that work with him and has a choice of where to send candidates. He works with over 25,000 law firms and tries to send most of his candidates to less than five law firms. You can always submit your jobs here: https://www.bcgsearch.com/bcg_employer_submitopenings.php

JD Journal is a 20-year-old legal news site that reports on law firms, salaries, and other news of interest to attorneys and law students. Harrison writes and publishes complimentary articles about firms for his clients on this site. The JD Journal news is syndicated to all of Harrison’s sites and also Google News. This newsletter reaches over 350,000 attorneys, law students, and others. Please send us your press releases and good news. Send us press releases and good news: https://www.jdjournal.com/news-tips/



Top Law Schools (TLS) is the highest-trafficked legal employment forum in the world and the #1 site in the world for law students. This is where law students get information about firms. Harrison protects and promotes his clients on this site as well. This is where the real work is done building Harrison's clients' brands. Review TLS employment forums and discussion pages where your firm is likely discussed.


Law students, attorneys, clients, and others use these sites to evaluate who to hire and where to work. Harrison's companies review law firms and protect his clients on these sites. It's about time someone had your law firm's back.

When firms hire our candidates, we fight for them with everything we have. We promote you and make you look like an attractive workplace with law students, potential clients, attorneys, and others, even though we usually receive no immediate economic benefit. We help our clients build their brands because it helps us indirectly. When you succeed, we do too.

We are preparing positive articles about your Firm and a few of your attorneys for our other company sites.

We will fight for you and your reputation, and our goal is to make you look like one of the most desirable legal employers, regardless of whether you use our placement firm in the future. You have interviewed our people; we love you and will do whatever we can to help you.

Thank you for believing in us and your business. Watch what happens when we believe in you and get behind you. No one will work harder to build your brand or have more tools.

No one is going to do more. We play it forward with the level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and skill you are entitled to and deserve.

You are part of an exclusive club when you do business with Harrison and BCG Attorney Search. Welcome to a tradition of advocacy that elevates us all.