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You guys had a lot of institutional knowledge regarding the field of law, especially big law, and making a lateral move. Kind of how to make yourself more marketable and things like that. A lot of that was actually really on point and really useful and helpful. I didn't really have a great mentor or contact kind in the location I was trying to move to, as I was trying to make a move to Houston. I didn't have anyone to bounce things of off and get feedback from. So you guys were really, really helpful on that.You guys really did take everything off of my plate, in terms of coordinating everything. I've worked with recruiters in the past who really didn't handle everything. In terms of getting my resume out there, facilitating interviews, and coordinating things you guys did all that for me and I really appreciated that. It allowed me to focus on my job.I would describe BCG as capable, efficient, and professional. I would rank BCG as number one. You guys were honest with me and Harrison was as well. I appreciated that he took the time to work with me.I think one of the biggest things I found out was how Harrison was. That was a big thing for me, because so many recruiters are just constantly out there trying to generate candidates. And while they are all very complimentary of me, all they have seen is my file on the firm website. Harrison was complimentary of me once when he reviewed my bio, but then after he had reviewed my resume and we had spoked a couple of times, I actually thought he was giving me honest feedback about things that I said, what the reality of me getting a job was in the market, and what my options were in the market. He also talked about what mattered and what didn't, kind of where I fit in based on the law school I went to, things like that. And that is really valuable, because you get so many calls and so many emails as an attorney at a large law firm about this stuff. Most of it's just fishing. So to have somebody that actually paid attention, once I gave him my information, and thought about it and gave me honest feedback was really valuable.


Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, Class Of 2011

Placed at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

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