The Informed Consent Law is a series of laws covering the professional's responsibility to correctly inform and obtain consent from the patient before proceeding with treatment, procedure, or surgery. This writing can limit legal, medical, or criminal liability to the doctor or professional who provided the service to a patient.

The physician should discuss with the patient those mentioned above before signing this agreement. If the patient cannot make a decision, the family can replace the patient.

Informed consent is used not only in the medical sector but in any other sector where an individual's well-being or health is at stake. Informed consent refers to the individual being given all relevant information about the implications of certain conditions or procedures when they are accepted to undergo experimental treatments or clinical trials.

In the United States, some states have enacted legislation called the Patient's Bill of Rights. It ensures that the patient's rights are protected and fulfilled. It also encourages the patient to be more proactive in staying healthy or getting healthy and resolving issues that have come up.