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March 29, 2007
Host: Charisse Dengler
Guests:  Simon Cairns and Pete Smith
In this podcast, Simon Cairns, General Manager of BCG Attorney Search, talks with Pete Smith about the Bay Area legal market. Smith, who is the Managing Director of BCG Attorney Search's San Francisco office, is an expert on the Bay Area legal market and has much to say about its unique culture. Smith compares and contrasts the Bay Area with other areas and how those differences affect the legal profession, and he also lists the hottest practice areas in San Francisco and, as well as the areas that are not thriving. Packed with information on the Bay Area, this podcast is incredibly informative, especially for attorneys looking to make a move to this part of the country.
Duration:  00:21:55

November 8, 2006
Host: Simon Cairns
Guests:  Raffaele Murdocca
Raffaele Murdocca discusses the legal job market in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami.
Duration:  00:25:08

September 6, 2006
Host: Simon Cairns
Guests:  Melanie Neale
Melanie Neale discusses the legal job market in Denver, CO.
Duration:  21:14:01

August 11, 2006
Host: Jefferson Bryd
Guests:  Deborah Acker
Deborah Acker discusses legal recruiting.
Duration:  00:06:40

July 31, 2006
Host: Jefferson Bryd
Guests:  Simon Cairns and Dan Binstock
Simon Cairns and Dan Binstock discuss the legal job market in Washington, DC.
Duration:  00:31:21

May 26, 2006
Host: Jefferson Bryd
Guests:  Peter Smith
Peter Smith discusses the California legal job market and law firm culture.
Duration:  00:49:31

May 12, 2006
Host: Jefferson Bryd
Guests:  Carey Bertolet, Danice Kowalczyk
Jefferson interviews two New York recruiters, Carrie Bertolet and Danice Kowalczyk, about the legal job market in and around Manhattan.
Duration:  0:27:47