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O'Hagan Meyer

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O'Hagan Meyer Reviews

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"The negative reviews and my own negative experience with this O'Hagan Meyer have left me with a sense of doubt and concern about their ability to provide quality services." - Anonymous

- Reviewed on Mar 14, 2023

Cons: 1.0 Former EmployeeAssociate AttorneyAssociate Attorney in Chicago, IL ProsArrive and leave at your leisure, monthly cell phone reimbursement, and autonomy.ConsI spent three years at O'Hagan and hated my experience. The firm's main and only focus is billing hours. They offer no training (formal or informal), associate business development, and provide no feedback regarding attorney growth and development (no associate was named Partner during my tenure). The firm does a poor job assigning case files to associates. You are typically stuck with one partner and if that partner does not assign enough work, then too bad you will not meet your hour requirements. The firm offers quarterly bonuses but the firm does not assign enough work so you will never receive the bonus. Raises and bonuses are mediocre or non-existent. Billable hours are a minimum of 2,040 with a goal 2,160 (essentially big law hours, but half the pay). Likewise, the firm has a remarkable amount of turnover. 12 out of 15 associates left the Chicago office during my tenure, not to mention one of the main equity Partners. At least two attorneys left 10 to 12 months after joining the firm. The instability of the firm is exemplified by its plethora of name changes in its ten-year history, which includes O'Hagan Spencer, O'Hagan LLC, to the present, O'Hagan Meyer. A quick search on LinkedIn shows that the firm's attorney turnover is a common theme as attorneys consistently left the firm prior to my arrival. In fact, one of the Partners admitted that turnover was a problem during my initial interview at the firm and tried offering me a signing bonus so I would commit to the firm for 18 months. This should have been a red flag. Management obviously doesn't care about the turnover as the firm has done nothing to reduce or stop it. What is more, administrative turnover is equally bad. Several secretaries left after 2 to 3 weeks of my employment. One Partner had 4 different secretaries during my tenure and the firm is on its third office manager. In short, this is not a firm for long-term growth and if you currently make less then $65,000 then this firm might be for you, but only expect to be here for a year or two as you will quickly realize that this firm is a bottom feeder that offers below market pay and opportunities. By example, the City of Chicago pays more then this firm and I routinely saw big law staff attorney positions that offer higher pay then this mediocre firm. All the associates that left O'Hagan left for significant raises.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2022

Job type: Full time

"Nepotism and Office Intrigue Reign Supreme" - Anonymous

- Reviewed on Feb 17, 2023

Cons: A mid-sized firm heavily geared toward insurance defense work. As other have mentioned hours are comparable to AM100 firms at less than half the compensation. Working with many partners is problematic as many lack both the legal knowledge and management skills to effectively delegate work or set consistent expectations. Turnover is high (by design) and mentorship is nonexistent. Intense office intrigue and nepotism were staples of my time here.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2020

Job type: Full time

"Management obviously doesn't care" - Anonymous

- Reviewed on Jan 30, 2023

Cons: I spent three years as an Associate Attorney at O'Hagan Meyer in Chicago, IL and it was a disappointing experience. The firm's sole focus was on billing hours, with no investment in attorney training, development, or feedback. Case assignments were poorly managed, with associates often stuck with one partner and insufficient work to meet billable hour requirements. Bonuses were promised but rarely received due to lack of work. Raises and bonuses were inadequate. Billable hours were set at a minimum of 2,040, with a goal of 2,160 (comparable to big law hours but with half the pay). High turnover was a persistent issue, with 12 out of 15 associates leaving the Chicago office during my tenure and a long history of attorney departures from the firm. Management showed little concern for turnover, and administrative turnover was equally problematic, with high turnover among secretaries and multiple office managers in a short period of time. Overall, O'Hagan Meyer is not a suitable firm for long-term career growth, with below market pay and opportunities. Associates who left the firm did so for better compensation.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2022

Job type: Full time

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