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BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching

If you feel stuck in your legal job or are wondering
how to get started, a career coach can help!
The first step toward getting career coaching from BCG Attorney Search recruiters is to apply to work with us as a candidate. Apply Here: If you are accepted as one of our candidates, we will do everything within our power to put you into a legal position matching your goals and one that you are happy with...

What if BCG Attorney Search Cannot Work With Me?

Unfortunately, BCG Attorney Search recruiters cannot work with everyone who applies to work with us. Because we are recruiters, our time is limited to working with attorneys whose skills are in extreme demand in the market, and we cannot work with law students.

Try BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching!

While we cannot work with everyone who contacts us, we do offer coaching services that can assist you in positioning yourself and transitioning your career in the direction you wish.

If you're feeling stuck in your current position or are looking for a new one, BCG Attorney Search career coaching can give you the confidence and skills to make your next big move.

Whether you want to investigate new legal career options, position yourself for promotion within your current practice or organization, or work on personal productivity and effectiveness in your job, we will coach you in the areas most important to your career advancement.

Here are just a few things you can do through coaching:

  • Identify your interests, aptitudes, and strengths
  • Create a goal-focused plan broken into manageable steps
  • Learn to ask for what you need (training, references, etc.)
  • Write a powerful resume and cover letter
  • Use networking and social media to expand your professional circle

Through weekly sessions, you will take confident steps toward that raise, promotion, new job, or exciting career switch.

Coaching Rates:

10 sessions: $2,000 BUY NOW
7 sessions: $1,750 BUY NOW
5 sessions: $1,375 BUY NOW
3 sessions: $900 BUY NOW
2 sessions: $700 BUY NOW
1 session: $400 BUY NOW

All sessions are approximately 45 minutes. While our rates may exceed those of some standardized coaching programs, our recruiter-coaches are all highly competent experts in the legal industry.