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Honestly, the best part [about working with BCG] was getting a job in the end, especially when I had mostly stopped looking for myself. Carolina was willing to listen to what I was looking for and tried to match that with somewhere where I'd be happy. I'd said I wanted to do writing, and she shopped me around as a writer. I've only been at this new job for a few weeks, but it seems to be a much better fit than some of the places I was applying (and not getting). Even though it took a while, I still feel like you did a good job. A lot of that was the coronavirus, I'm sure, but taking the time to find a firm that was specifically looking for someone who was looking to write, not necessarily looking to get in a courtroom all of the time, was a big plus.
Q. How did working with us make you job search easier?
A. Well, for one, I didn't have to do the searching. But firms seem to reach out to you guys. Sometimes a middleman is a bad thing, but sometimes the middleman is a good facilitator, and that's what I felt happened here. I was also able to let someone else do the searching while I watched my son during the day.

Q. Where would we rank/compare to other recruiting companies you may have used?

A. Since you got me the job, I'd put you on top. Even without that, you didn't pigeonhole me into "temp" work just because your firm was divided into temp and permanent placement (and make it hard to get into the other group), so I'd still put you on top. My sample size isn't large, though.


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