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The BCG app is pretty convenient. I didn't use it a ton because I wasn't involved in the process for too long. You can go on and approve the jobs and the listings and the way it is set up is really nice. My legal placement professional was really great! Especially early on, she didn't contact me too much but reached out when there were good opportunities. The job I ended up taking wasn't one that was posted. It was an opportunistic job so I thought it was great that she went ahead and contacted places she had connections with anyway. She worked at a quick speed and I was under a time crunch with another opportunity and she really moved things along for me very quickly.It was helpful to have my legal placement professional there to ask questions about the firm. She had a lot of insider information that I probably wouldn't have gotten a lot of with my own research. In a traditional setting I would have tried to connect with someone at the firm or someone who used to work there but because of the time pressure everything happened within a week and she was able to give me a lot of details about individuals and the firm that was beneficial to me when I was interviewing. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. My legal placement professional is the only recruiter that I have worked with that passed my information along without there being a job posting which I liked because, obviously, it ended up working out for me. It is a more aggressive, not in a negative sense, approach and especially given the circumstances in the economy and with the pandemic you need somebody like that right now. You need someone that will advocate strongly for you!Overall it was a very positive experience and I have recommended it to other people since. On the whole, I was very pleasantly surprised with the process and very happy with it. Nothing negative to report at all!

Alanna Guy

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Frantz Ward LLP

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