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At The Harris Firm, we do more than just practice law-we fight for our clients' satisfaction. Every client that walks through our door has a different individual goal and we strive every day to help each and every client meet these goals. Every client is an individual, and we work differently on every case, because we understand that every case is different. Since we work exclusively on workers' compensation and social security disability cases, we can put all of our focus into these fields of law. This allows for greater experience and knowledge within each area when compared to firms that spread their focus thin by attempting to practice in multiple areas. When you choose an attorney, you want someone who truly knows a specific area of law, and when you opt to work with one of our attorneys, you are choosing to work with someone that knows the workers' compensation system backwards and forwards. Our attorneys are not only able to help you navigate these systems, but also teach you along the way, assuring that you fully understand the decisions and actions that are being taken on your behalf. Because of the nature of workers' compensation and SSDI, we see clients from every walk of life and with a wide variety of injuries and issues. An accident at work can happen to anyone, no matter their job, experience, or education level. Regardless of your circumstances we are here to help you. We want to help those who have been injured at work receive the compensation that they deserve, no matter who they are or their personal situation. Learn more about how we help people navigate the workers' compensation system by exploring our website. Being injured is just the first event in the complex and often frustrating workers compensation system. There are many things that occur after you have been injured on the job. While it may seem as if the only things that you should need to worry about are healing and being compensated, the nature of Ohio's workers' compensation system makes things much more complicated. As an injured person, you want to be able to navigate the complexities of the workers' compensation system as easily as possible. Unfortunately, the system is set up so that it usually becomes difficult for you to get the help you need without assistance from someone who knows how the system operates. That is where we come in. Our job is to help you get the treatment and compensation you deserve despite the obstacles that the workers' compensation system puts in your way. We have been through this process countless times, so you can trust that we know our way through every process you might face. That being said, we pride ourselves in not taking the "cookie cutter" approach to any of our clients. We understand that everyone that contacts us, while they may all be injured, has been through a completely different incident and have very individual goals. While keeping this in mind, we approach every client on a personal basis, tending to each and every person's individual goals and concerns. Focusing on you as an individual is important for our attorneys because we know that many other people involved in your case are not looking out for your interest. Individuals who have experienced the workers compensation system know that not only do they often have to fight their employer and their employer's attorney, but they also have to fight the workers compensation system itself, as the Bureau of Workers' Compensation rarely helps an injured worker get the benefits he/she deserves. At The Harris Firm, our attorneys take pride in helping the injured worker. We know that large corporations use the complicated system in order to win their cases; they know that without representation it can be difficult for injured workers to navigate the system successfully. Our lawyers will not sit back and let this happen. With our help, you can move forward knowing that your interests will be protected so that you can get the benefits you deserve. The Harris Family Our firm is family owned, which means that some of our attorneys grew up in this firm, even before they knew anything about law. Having this lifetime exposure to the ins-and-outs of workers' compensation, our lawyers have achieved an exceptional level of experience with the system. We find our passion in helping people, not the corporations that hurt them. Learn more about our attorneys by reading through our team page. We have seen all types of workers' compensation cases. This gives us, as well as our clients, confidence in knowing that we best know how to handle their specific case. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, you deserve to work with a firm of attorneys that know the system. Call us today to take a confident step in the right direction.

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