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A Closer Look at Our Firm

The law firm of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC was formed in 2002 by attorneys and founding members, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite. Before their retirement and the closure of this firm in June of 2018, Sheldon Goldstein's and Michelle Scopellite's goals remained the same: Help our clients succeed in their legal issues, research and figure out ways to tackle the issues confronting them and make sure they understand the legal process relating to their legal issue, whether that be an early settlement or litigation. And they were successful in this goal. If you were a client of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, you were able to expect the best possible customer service, including attorneys who took your calls and respond to your emails, attorneys who were skilled mediators and litigators, and a staff that offered you personalized assistance, no matter what time of the day it is. Former clients of the firm still call or email the firm and praise the customer service that they were provided in comparison to other firms they have contacted.

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we understood that having to hire an attorney may not be the most comforting process. However, should you need to hire an attorney that attorney should be someone who knows the law; who is willing to listen to you; who will understand your goals; and who will take your desires into consideration. Those traits are what the attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite PC had. They not only helped their clients accomplish their goals but they also understand that each case is unique and that there is no cookie-cutter approach that will work. The attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC treated their clients with the respect that they deserved and they offered excellent customer service as the case moved along its process, even when clients did not reciprocate the attention and care given and breached their contract with the firm. Former clients understood that the firm cared about their case throughout the entire legal process, and if they stayed the course, their outcome was accepted and successful. Their documents were read, filed in the computer and paper files, and they were not lost or pushed to the side. If you were a client of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, when their case was completed, they knew that the firm actually knew what the facts of their case were, that we pushed their issues before the court or to the opposing party and that we didn't just push paper around and churn the bill.
Achieving Client Goals

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, our dedicated attorneys took pride in providing our clients with the best possible legal assistance that we can, given the circumstances and as allowed under the law. We understood that when you came to our office for legal advice, or to assist you in your legal matter, that you were looking for us to provide that help in the most expeditious and positive manner possible, whether that meant defending you in court or before an opposing party or attorney, if you are being sued, or bringing an action against someone or an entity who has harmed you, your business or a family member. We understood when you were involved in a litigation case, and whenever possible we would work to mediate the situation in order to avoid that long drawn-out litigation process, which can be expensive, and sometimes cannot be afforded. However, litigation was not always avoided and if we had to litigate we went to court prepared and had an excellent track record of wins.

To assist our clients, our highly skilled attorneys worked to negotiate and achieve an ending to your matter through mediation or arbitration and other legal means, so as to avoid having to go through to trial. However, if necessary we prepared and litigated your business law, immigration, family law and divorce dispute before the court or a jury. We worked diligently to achieve the best possible solution or outcome in your case and our clients gave testimony to this. We harnessed our years of combined experience into one package so that we ensured your case was resolved as quickly as possible through mediation or arbitration or litigation. And again, when settlement could not be reached, our qualified attorneys were fully prepared to litigate your situation before the court in either a jury trial or a bench trial. We were and still are highly qualified and can appeal any decision of the court or a jury, when legally possible.

NOTE: Currently this firm does not file cases with USCIS, DHS or the BIA, However, we can work to research and prepare your case and your packages or briefs, so that they can be presented to another immigration attorney for submission of your package to USCIS, DHS or the BIA.

Goldstein & Scopellite, PC dedicated its practice to offering quality legal services and we offer our family law lawyers, immigration lawyers, divorce lawyers, probate attorneys, business law lawyers and litigation attorneys at an affordable hourly rate. Goldstein & Scopellite, PC was committed to building its practice in Texas. We offered our client's the best legal representation that we worked to achieve an outcome that was acceptable and approved by our clients. We also worked to ensure that our clients felt that we were "on their side" and looking out for "their best interest" and not working with the other side or listening or believing the other side when it came to their matter. At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC our lawyers were committed to ensuring that you come first in your legal matter or legal dilemma.
Our Proactive Approach

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we understood that every legal situation is unique. In order to understand your views, issues and goals, we took the time to sit down with you and we communicated with you as needed, along the process. We questioned you so that we knew what you wanted to achieve and so that we could research your issues to come up with the best possible outcome. We also will drafted documents and got your approval on those documents before they were filed with the court, whenever possible, and whether we are dealing with mediation or going to trial, we were able to get your input and we prepared your case to meet and protect your interests.

Because we took the needed time to determine what your legal issues, defenses and goals are right from the start of your case, we were able to work to achieve a result that you were happy with or accepted. Once we determined what your issues were, defenses and goals were, we worked tirelessly to bring your goals to fruition. We knew that our best client was a client who felt that we helped them, that we listened to them, that we tried our best and that we kept them informed as to the status of their case and that we understood them, regardless of the outcome of their case being everything they wanted or not. And, this can be said also, for the clients who refused to pay their bills due our firm, after their work or case was completed.

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we provided our litigation expertise throughout the legal process and throughout your legal matter and we worked to ensure that you were satisfied with the outcome of your case. At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we ensured that you got letters and documents received from the opposing party and the court; that you got copies of letters we sent, pleadings or other documents that were sent out from our office, and that you got trial dates ahead of time so that you could prepare with us and be informed as to the process, as it was important that you stayed informed so that we are not caught off guard with undisclosed information and so that you knew what the other side was saying so that you could help us in preparing your defense.
Competitive Fee Structure

At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC we believed that a person involved in a legal issue should not be without quality legal representation. Therefore we made sure that our fees were structured in a reasonable manner, thus providing experienced and qualified attorneys at an affordable rate. We went over the agreement in detail with each client and expected the client to abide by the contract as we did. We believed that by maintaining the structure we have with both our initial and evergreen retainers, that we thus, provided quality legal services to our hundreds of clients, at an affordable rate. However, we understand cannot meet everyone's financial needs, in regards to our fee structures and the clients who refused to pay their bills due our firm, after our tireless efforts were performed on their behalf and billed to them per the agreement they signed, will have to live with themselves.

In the eight practice areas of law in which we represented clients, our Litigation lawyers or Trial Litigation attorneys, our Divorce lawyers, our Family Law attorneys, our Child Custody attorneys, our Probate attorneys, our Business Law and Commercial Law attorneys, our Estate Planning lawyers and our Immigration lawyers, ALL understood the legal process and we worked diligently to ensure that our staff worked efficiently with you on your case, as well, keeping your fees and expenses as low as possible, and if necessary, we worked with you to explore the other legal options available to you.

The best legal option was to keep an open mind and let us do whatever was reasonable and legally necessary in order to resolve your legal issue in the most expeditious manner possible. To do this we used legal devices and strategies including pleadings and motion defense, having hearings, having court ordered Mediation, having private Mediation, meeting with the opposing side or opposing counsel, Arbitration, private party negotiations, having depositions, serving discovery, and it has been shown that authorizing and providing the fees and expenses to get these options done, definitely expedited your cases conclusion. However, if these options do not work, we prepared to litigate the matter through the litigation process, with our fees being far less than other comparable attorneys in the area charged.

When you need a lawyer who understands the law, the legal process and who will listen to your goals and needs, whether it be a litigation issue, a family law matter, custody battle, a divorce, drafting a will or a trust, whether it is a business law issue or formation of a business, or probating a will, or you need just need legal expertise in estate planning, wills or a Trust or involving any legal issue in Dallas, Texas, Plano Texas and Denton Texas, contact Goldstein & Scopellite, PC.

We have an excellent track record! Our attorneys are available to discuss your legal matter with you and appointments are available. Call us today at (214) 351-9100 or contact us by email.

Location and Practice Areas Wise Attorney Count:

Total Offices: 3

Total Attorneys: 3

Total Office Wise Attorneys:

Locations No. of Attorneys
Dallas, TX 3

Total number of Attorneys in this Practice Area:

Practice Areas No. of Attorneys
Corporate 3
Family Law 6
Immigration 3
Trusts and Estates 3

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