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In an ocean of recruiters who seek the next stellar placement with random aggression, there is BCG Attorney Search. Where these others reference and maintain statistics, BCG carefully engages in intuitive and personalized candidate assessments; where these others have sought formulaic strategies for candidates--to the point of discouraging dreams--BCG has provided a customized plan and insightful counsel; and where these others have avoided developing more than a two-dimensional exchange with candidates, they offer a hand of dedicated friendship and service.

It is an honor to have had BCG as a recruiting firm. With them, a candidate is much more than a resume: they carefully listen not just to what you seek, but also to whom you are, realizing the latter not only determines the successful acquisition of the former, but also whether it is the best fit for the candidate. In my estimation, it is the artful negotiation of this [seeming] dichotomy that embodies the high call of a legal recruiter.

BCG is a recruiting service who has mastered it.

Tara B.

Atlanta, GA

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