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Fall 2007

By The BCG Recruiting Staff
A flurry of recent hiring activity—particularly a national need for real estate attorneys and the upswing in corporate work—has our recruiters excited about the changes that the legal market is currently experiencing. Learn which practice areas are hot and which are not as our recruiters across the nation report on the employment outlook in their areas.

01. Southern California
02. Northern California
03. The Northwest
04. The Northeast
05. The Mid-Atlantic Region
06. The Southeast Region
07. The Southwest Region
08. The Midwest Region

09. International: Europe
10. International: Asia

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Profile Are You a "Me-Focused" or a "You-Focused" Interviewee?
By Dan Binstock, Esq.

When most attorneys prepare for job interviews they come up with lists of questions they should ask. Most of these questions are questions to which the candidates/interviewees (the people interviewing for the jobs) would like to have answers. However, most attorneys do not consciously realize that questions generally fall into two categories.
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Profile How to Survive and Thrive during an Unplanned Relocation to Join a Future Spouse
By Deborah Acker
Managing Director, BCG Attorney Search, Palo Alto

Many junior attorneys work incredibly hard for four years to get top grades at first-tier law schools, work on law reviews, and get offers from prestigious firms. Then, they face unplanned speed bumps in their careers when their fiancés feel it is time to live in the same city, get serious about their commitment, marry, and settle down. Legal recruiters receive many questions in relation to different versions of this scenario. The following is what I tell attorneys in this position. (Many of these thoughts may apply to same-sex couples as well, where one partner is relocating to meet the needs of the relationship.)
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Profile The Truth and Nothing but the Truth—But Not the Whole Truth
By Stephen E. Seckler, Esq.

Although the practice of law has undergone enormous changes in the past two decades, one thing remains constant: integrity still counts for a lot in the legal profession. A lawyer who bends the truth in advocating on behalf of a client may find himself facing disciplinary action. A law student or associate who materially misrepresents her credentials at an interview may be shown the door if the misrepresentation is discovered at a later date.
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Profile Tips for First-Time Job Seekers
By Jamie Bailey

This year I joined the legions of die hard Cubs fans at Wrigley Field to attend the play off game against the Arizona D-backs. The last time I attended a Cubs playoff game was the 2003 playoff game against the Florida Marlins - the infamous Bartman game. Watching the Cubs is like being on an emotional roller coaster. Who could have guessed that the D-backs would hit a home run on the first pitch of the game, or that during the fifth inning the Cubs would come back to load the bases and the inning would end on a double play. What could be perceived as a lack of execution and enthusiasm, blunders and the overall malaise on the part of the Cubs was astonishing. And the corresponding extreme shift in human emotion and support among what were just a few minutes prior the most loyal Cubs fans confirmed that my emotions mirrored those around me. One minute the man sitting behind me was expounding how he knew we were headed for that "Blessed World Series Trophy"; the next minute he was raising his 5th beer to the heavens beckoning, "Parents, take your children home to bed. They should not have to witness this terrible abyss we are about to enter."
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BCG Recruiter Spotlight

In this feature, we sit down with Suzanne Dupree Howe, Managing Director of BCG Attorney Search's Houston office, to discuss her career and life.
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Question: I was working with a recruiter who sent my law school transcripts to potential firms along with my resume. I believe that this hurt my chances with these firms as my law school grades are not what I want to emphasize. Can I send only my resume in the future? I don’t imagine that my transcript is terribly relevant now that I’ve had practical law firm experience.
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Silicon Valley
Palo Alto office seeks a patent prosecution associate with 3+ years of experience for pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry or chemistry prosecution, opinion and due diligence work.
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New York
New York City office seeks an IP patent litigation associate with 2-5 years of experience. Pharmaceutical and/or science background preferred. NY Bar needed.
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District of Columbia
Washington, D.C. office seeks an associate with 4-6 years of litigation experience to join its IP section.
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