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Seven Things the Best Legal Recruiters Do that You Cannot Do Yourself

Legal recruiters offer unique advantages to attorney job seekers that aren’t always available to them in their legal ....

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Four Union-Like Rules Attorneys Must Observe if You Are Going to Succeed Working in a Law Firm: If You Do Not Follow These Rules You Will Fail

Learn the four rules that make all law firms similar to blue collar unions and what you must do to stay employed by the....

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Why You Are Unhappy Practicing Law: You May Only be Happy When You Reach the Point of Giving Orders and Not Taking Them

Find out the underlying reason you are not happy practicing law, and what you must do to be happy.....

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Why the Best Actors and Attorneys Are Exactly Alike

Learn what the best attorneys and actors both have that enables them to rise above their peers.....

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How to Not Fail, Die or Go Crazy Practicing Law: How I've Seen Attorneys Find Enjoyment and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession

As an attorney, your first priority must be your health, then your job, then your family and personal life. Make sure y....

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Why Money Is the Dumbest Thing Any Attorney Should Focus on When Joining a Law Firm: How Attorneys Destroy their Happiness and Legal Careers by Focusing on Money

Learn why money should never be your first focus when you are trying to decide which law firm you should join.....

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Why the Solution to Being Happy as a Law Firm Attorney Does Not Involve Making Any of the Changes You've Thought of Making

Find out how you can be a truly happy law firm attorney without making a move or career change in this article.....

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