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The 10-Step, ''No-Fail'' Guide to Distinguishing Yourself as a First-Year Associate

Be a Prince (or Princess) Amongst Paupers.Remember Prince...the Artist Formerly Known as Prince...who is now, apparently....

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Transitioning to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has been a hot topic in the legal market ever since the dot-com bubble burst in the late 1990s. Although many....

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Bikinis or Briefs...What Lies Beneath the Perfect Summer Interview

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereWelcome to the summer season. It's July,....

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Double Down: Why Risking Your Bonus Isn't Much of a Gamble

It seems that many lawyers do not consider changing firms in the fourth quarter of their firms' fiscal year, even when t....

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How Law Firms Make Money from their Attorneys and Clients: A Guide to Law Firm Economics for Attorneys

Even as some law firms state they do not bill unfairly, other firms may fall short of that ethic.From law firm to law fi....

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10 Biggest Career Mistakes Big Law Firm Attorneys Make (and 10 Ways to Survive in a Big Firm)

No one is absolutely perfect in their job.Yet, in the legal world one mistake can prove fatal.Find out the 10 biggest ca....

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Why Attorneys Need to Figure Out How to Fit in in their Law Firms or Find a New Firm Where They Do: The Importance of Fitting In

One of the most persistent mistakes legal professionals make is to not understand the importance of "fitting in" in thei....

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