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Whether Most Attorneys Consider Prestige or Salary More Important

While there are exceptions to this rule, attorneys will generally pick the more prestigious (i.e., well known) firm over....

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BCG Attorney Search's Top 20 Articles of 2015

Find out what the most popular 20 articles were in 2015 on BCG Attorney Search in this article.....

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The Top 6 Ways Attorneys Choose What Law Firm to Work For

6 Rules Attorneys Use to Choose between Competing Law Firm OffersMost Attorneys Will Choose a Firm Based on the Firm's P....

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Top 10 Reasons Most General Practice Firms Have No Idea How to Hire and Evaluate Patent Attorneys

Patent attorneys are in higher demand in today's technology-driven world, but some firms are still not sure how to hire....

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25 Reasons Why Boutique Firms Are the Best Choice for Many Attorneys and Can Be Much Safer Than Larger Law Firms

Is a boutique law firm right for you? Find out why it is often a much better choice for your legal career than a large ....

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Why Do Attorneys in Large Law Firms Work So Hard and Bill So Many Hours?

What drives attorneys to work so hard in big law? How do law firms ensure attorneys continue to work hard throughout th....

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Top 10 Reasons Attorneys Trained in Major New York City Law Firms Command the Most Respect from the Market

Want to be at the top of the legal profession? You should work at a major New York City law firm if you want to learn h....

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