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Mark F. Nowak, Partner at Thorp, Reed & Armstrong, Enjoys the Autonomy of Being a Lawyer

Civil trial lawyer Mark Nowak has had an interest in politics and government since he was very young, and he said that i....

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Why the Culture of the Law Firm You Are Working for Will Determine How Happy and Successful You Are Practicing Law

Culture could be what makes or breaks your career within a law firm.Nonetheless, an incorrect or disagreeable culture ca....

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Distinguishing among the "Big Firms"

The Dating GameWhen faced with a career move, choosing among the "Big Firms" may be akin to playing the dating game, whe....

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Why an Attorney Should Never Switch Law Firm Jobs Too Often: Law Firms Will Not Trust You to Stay After too Many Moves and Will Not Hire You

Most attorneys from large firms move at least once or twice during their first three to five years of practice. However,....

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How to Use a Legal Search Firm

Tailoring Legal Search to Meet Your Firm's NeedsAll things considered, legal recruiting is a fairly young industry. Alth....

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A View from the Other Side

From Recruiting Coordinator to Search ConsultantOver the past few months, a number of people have asked me ''Why did you....

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Can You Take a Break from Practicing Law to Recharge and Regroup and then Come Back?

Why do some attorneys decide to quit their law firm instead of taking some time off to recharge themselves?This is becau....

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