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Overview of D&I in Law Firms and BCG’s Unique Role in the Diversity Solution

Diversity and inclusion is one of the most important and pressing issues in the legal profession.Notwithstanding a host ....

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How Attorneys and Law Students Can Craft the Perfect Cover Letter

Listen to This Podcast on:Many young job-seekers make the mistake of saying a lot about themselves in cover letters, res....

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Why Your Success as an Attorney and in Life is Dependent on Others Believing in You

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Why Your Success as an Attorney (and in Life) is Dependent on Others Believing ....

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How "Out" Should I Be on My Attorney Resume?

Click here to view a collection of attorney resume and cover letter resources written by experienced legal recruiters.Qu....

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Top 30 Factors Large Law Firms Consider When Hiring Lateral Attorneys

Learn how big law firms evaluate potential hires and what you can do to increase your chances of getting hired by them.....

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Why the Culture of the Law Firm You Are Working for Will Determine How Happy and Successful You Are Practicing Law

Culture could be what makes or breaks your career within a law firm.Nonetheless, an incorrect or disagreeable culture ca....

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How to Not Fail, Die or Go Crazy Practicing Law: How I've Seen Attorneys Find Enjoyment and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession

As an attorney, your first priority must be your health, then your job, then your family and personal life. Make sure y....

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