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Why Most Law Firms Expect Their Attorneys to Conform and Act Like Other Attorneys in the Firm

Every attorney that works in a large law firm is expected to conform to their rules. Find out why law firms expect a hi....

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Best Criminal Defense Non-White-Collar Law Firms In New York City, New York

Summary: Take a look at the best Criminal Defense Non-White-Collar law firms in New York City, New York.....

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Best Appellate Practice Law Firms in Miami, FL

Summary: Take a look at the best Appellate Practice law firms in Miami, Florida.....

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Four Union-Like Rules Attorneys Must Observe if You Are Going to Succeed Working in a Law Firm: If You Do Not Follow These Rules You Will Fail

Learn the four rules that make all law firms similar to blue collar unions and what you must do to stay employed by the....

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6 Things You Should Consider Before Making a Lateral Move to a New Law Firm

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The ClashAccepting an entry level job at a law firm is a big career hurdle for a law stude....

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Big Law Salaries

We are frequently asked at BCG Attorney Search to provide knowledge and expertise on big law salaries outside of the fir....

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Why Going In-house Is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can Ever Make

Learn why the belief that going in-house is a good career move is completely wrong and what going in-house actually doe....

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