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Your Career, Amid the Flood

Don't panic. Stay positive, build relationships, and put spare time to use.This financial crisis is on a scale that this....

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Why Corporate is an Extremely Dangerous Practice Area During Recessions

Since late 2000, as every attorney knows, there has been a marked slowdown in the amount of available corporate work. Th....

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Managing Your Career in a Declining Market

There has been no rash of pink slips at major Boston firms, and by most reasonable standards lawyers at large firms stil....

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Should Attorneys and Law Students Send Thank You Letters After Law Firm Interviews? The Benefits and Risks of Thank You Letters

There are pros and cons in any job interviewing process.This is particularly true when interviewing for law firm jobs.Le....

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Why Law Firms Lawyers Must Work Weekends and Holidays: Law Firms Own Your Time and You Do Not

In the law practice, it is important for an associate to show his or her superiors that their job is more than just a jo....

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The Pros and Cons of Thank You Letters

This feature pits our founder and CEO, Harrison Barnes, against Carey Bertolet, our senior recruiter in the world's larg....

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As an Associate, Should I Worry about Getting Laid Off during a Merger?

Question: I'm an associate at a mid-sized firm. Rumor has it we are about to merge with a BIG national firm. Should the ....

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