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Why Going In-house Is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can Ever Make

Learn why the belief that going in-house is a good career move is completely wrong and what going in-house actually doe....

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The Law Firm Lifecycle: Why Some Firms Fail

Law firms are just like any other organization, sometimes achieving great success, and other times going defunct. This ....

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Guide to Law Firm Associate Hiring, Training, and Promotion

This in-depth guide shows you how to bring new associates into your firm and covers the hiring, training and promotion ....

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How to Not Fail, Die or Go Crazy Practicing Law: How I've Seen Attorneys Find Enjoyment and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession

As an attorney, your first priority must be your health, then your job, then your family and personal life. Make sure y....

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Top 10 Reasons Why Older Attorneys Have a More Difficult Time Getting Law Firm Jobs: Why Law Firms Prefer Younger Attorneys With Less Experience

Find out why it is so hard to get a job in a law firm as an older attorney and how older attorneys can increase their c....

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The Employees You Will Find Working at Law Firms

Law firms are filled with more than just lawyers acting as partners. If you will be working in a law firm (or working w....

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Diversity in the Legal World - The Big Picture

Learn why diversity in the legal world is so important and how companies and law firms are encouraging diversity throug....

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