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Finding Bliss at the Bar: How to Be a Happy Lawyer

I. IntroductionI admit that the phrase ''happy lawyer'' seems like an oxymoron and is likely to induce snickers and scof....

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The One Easy Fix That Will Make You Happy Practicing Law

Regardless of who you are, everyone needs encouragement—and attorneys are no exception.Since you (presumably) spend th....

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What Do Unhappy Legal Careers and Bad Romantic Relationships Have in Common?

In my relationships, my career, and my life there were mistakes made that provide compelling lessons for your career.Re....

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The One Characteristic that Separates Average Attorneys from Exceptional Attorneys: The Best Attorneys are Hungry for Information

IntroductionAs a legal recruiter, I am often quite surprised by the differences among attorneys in their receptiveness o....

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How to Not Fail, Die or Go Crazy Practicing Law: How I've Seen Attorneys Find Enjoyment and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession

As an attorney, your first priority must be your health, then your job, then your family and personal life. Make sure y....

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Why You Will Never Succeed at Practicing Law Until You Understand This One Thing

One of the most persistent misunderstandings of attorneys is why they are not more successful in practicing law. Whether....

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45 of the Worst Possible Questions Attorneys and Law Students Can Ask in Interviews

Listen to This Podcast on:When any legal employer is interviewing you, he or she most often wants to hire you. The inter....

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