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Lawyers See Benefit in Professional Coaching

Individualism is deeply ingrained in the culture of the United States. We live in a country where anyone can make it if ....

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Another Lawyer Suicide: How the Psychology of Being a Big Firm Lawyer Can Tear You Down

Find out why being an attorney causes many to be depressed and feel like they are never good enough.....

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Is there Any Point for Attorneys Working Their Tail Off Inside of Law Firms, Being Abused and Worrying About Career Security?

Summary: Why is it that so many attorneys feel helpless and unfulfilled?Lately I have heard many attorneys ask "What's t....

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Why Attorneys Need to Figure Out How to Fit in in their Law Firms or Find a New Firm Where They Do: The Importance of Fitting In

One of the most persistent mistakes legal professionals make is to not understand the importance of "fitting in" in thei....

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Why an Attorney Should Never Give Up after Being Rejected from a Few (or Many) Law Firms

Never let your ego get in the way of your legal career. You need to learn how to not take rejection personally in your ....

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Why You Should Quit Practicing Law

Learn if you are the sort of attorney who should quit practicing law—you may very well be.....

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The Legal Profession Needs Advocates—Not Firm or School Snobs, Paper Pushers, or Money Grubbers

There is only one thing attorneys need to be successful.It does not matter where you went to school or how you did there....

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