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Bingham McCutchen Downsizing On the Sly

Legal industry gossip site Above The Law says that at least one law firm is making cuts to its staff on the sly. Bingham....

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Four Union-Like Rules Attorneys Must Observe if You Are Going to Succeed Working in a Law Firm: If You Do Not Follow These Rules You Will Fail

Learn the four rules that make all law firms similar to blue collar unions and what you must do to stay employed by the....

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Five Class-Based Rules That Determine Attorney Success or Failure

Success in the legal profession is not determined by skill alone. There are also socio-economic and class-based barrier....

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Why Your Reasons for Wanting to Move Law Firms Are Likely the Wrong Reasons: The Number One Reason Attorneys Should Switch Law Firms

In order to experience any form of meaningful success inside of a law firm, you need to protect your brand and be define....

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The Next Step on Your Professional Path: Build a Network

If you think you can make a successful career just by continually improving yourself, think again. You can write beauti....

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The Importance of Attracting and Retaining Gay Attorneys

Historically, law firms have been conservative environments, and as a result, gay attorneys (which includes gay, lesbian....

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The Top 16 Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Make Regarding How They Are Perceived by Peers and Supervisors

This article details common mistakes that attorneys make when interacting with other members of their firm.....

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