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Altman Weil Survey Shows that Corporate Legal Departments are Trying to Cut Costs By Demanding Price Cuts from Law Firms

A new survey from Altman Weil shows that legal departments are increasing resorting to demanding price cuts from their o....

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What Lawyers and New Lawyers Earn: What Lawyers Make the Most Money by Location, Experience, Practice Area and More

If you’re wondering what it takes for a first-year attorney to make $190,000 in a law firm of 500 attorneys, you’ve....

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Where Are the Women in the Top Tiers?

Firms continue to tackle the problems of 'work-life balance' and lack of leadership training.....

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The Business Case For Professional Fulfillment: reactions to the report of the Boston Bar Association Task Force

In the early 1980's while living in a building owned by Columbia University, I marveled at the sight of new construction....

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Cybersecurity Act Could Result in Law Firms Reporting to DHS

The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 that Congress is considering right now could result in most of the major law firms and cor....

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BCG News 04/20/09

Eversheds has launched a redundancy consultation, targeting 10 lawyers in its real estate practice.....

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Baker & McKenzie to do Pro Bono Work to Help Developing Countries Access Crucial Technology

Law firm Baker & McKenzie will be part of a new initiative by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help companies us....

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