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Why Attorneys and Law Students Often Have a Difficult Time Finding Law Firm Jobs

There are many factors that prohibit attorneys from obtaining the ideal roles in their career. This article highlights ....

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Take This GIFT for Granted and Your Legal Career Will Be Dead: Why Attorneys Must Always Have Access to Lots of Work and Be Busy

Most attorneys don't understand the number one factor that will ensure their career survival. Find out what it is in th....

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Interviewing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A lot has changed this year when it comes to the logistics of interviewing with a new law firm! As firms and candidates ....

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Should I write “thank you” emails to my interviewers after a phone screen and/or callback interview?

This is an excellent question if I do say so myself! The somewhat unhelpful answer is, it depends, and my fellow Recruit....

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Between Offer and Acceptance

If you are like most people, you will be excited when a law firm or other legal employer extends you an offer for a job.....

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How Much Do You Want It? Pursuing Career Fulfillment and Success: How Hard Are You Willing to Work to Have a Positive Career Transition?

It never fails to amaze me that most of the candidates who come to me for help have worked and excelled, often for decad....

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Summer Associates See Slight Thaw in

Survey also shows uptick in number of permanent spots offered by firms Though the gains are modest, law firms are seekin....

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