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Self-delusion among Law Firms

What holds back many law firms from achieving greatness? Self-delusion about their current market position.....

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Sixth Year Associate in Good-Standing at Branch Office of Large Firm Wondering Whether He Should Consider Moving to a Firm with Better Opportunity for Partnership

I was recently speaking with a friend who is a sixth year corporate associate with a large firm in Los Angeles. This yea....

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The Seven Deadly Burdens of Being a Law Firm Attorney: Rejected, Criticized, Never Enough, Marginalized, Lied to, Insecure, and Cast Out

Being a law firm attorney means that you will face a lot more rejection, criticism, and other negative burdens than you....

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Should an Attorney Lateral to a Smaller Market? Top 5 Factors for Attorneys to Decide When Lateralling to a Smaller Market

Are you considering leaving the big city for a secondary market? Find out the 5 factors you should consider when decidi....

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Can You Transition Back to a Larger Law Firm if You Go to a Smaller Law Firm?

While it is difficult to do, attorneys who have left large law firms for smaller ones transition back to larger law fir....

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Young Lawyer Fears for His Future Amid Legal Industry Changes

Question:I am a second year associate at a mid-size firm where there have been lay-offs. I know I am fortunate to still ....

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Top 30 Factors Large Law Firms Consider When Hiring Lateral Attorneys

Learn how big law firms evaluate potential hires and what you can do to increase your chances of getting hired by them.....

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