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Important Questions Attorneys Should Ask to Evaluate Employment Offers they Receive from Law Firms: A Questionaire and Worksheet

Congratulations! You have successfully interviewed at a law firm, and now you have an offer to show for it! This quest....

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Battered Associate Syndrome

So you've had many less-than-stellar experiences as an associate at your law firm. You've spent countless all-nighters o....

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The Dangers of Myopia—Do You Have a Clear View of Your Own Professional Value?

A candidate called me this week, and in the course of exchanging information I realized that she was probably the most h....

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Don't Let Your Rising Billing Rate Push You Out the Door

I can't tell you how many times highly qualified and well-credentialed senior-level associates have contacted us because....

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Compensation Hikes: Free Money or Lack of Freedom?

Considering the landscape of news, gossip, and reviews that has influenced the world of associates and partners in 2006-....

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The LL.M. Degree: Friend or Foe? The Pros and Cons of Pursuing an LL.M. in Lieu of Practicing Law

IntroductionDeciding whether to pursue a Master of Laws degree (''LL.M.'') is a major decision that can have a long term....

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Distinguishing among the "Big Firms"

The Dating GameWhen faced with a career move, choosing among the "Big Firms" may be akin to playing the dating game, whe....

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