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What Is the Best Partner Compensation System?

Good compensation systems are a management tool that promotes firm stability and puts the emphasis on merit and perform....

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Is the Demotion of Partners Becoming a Legal Industry Trend?

Something is now happening to law firm partners, even in big law firms, that used to be unthinkable.....

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The LL.M. Degree: Friend or Foe? The Pros and Cons of Pursuing an LL.M. in Lieu of Practicing Law

IntroductionDeciding whether to pursue a Master of Laws degree (''LL.M.'') is a major decision that can have a long term....

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Top 10 Reasons Why November and December Are the Best Times of the Year for Attorneys to Look for New Law Firm Positions

Many attorneys think waiting until the new year to start their job search is best. Learn why you shouldn’t wait until....

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Top Ways for Law Firms to Increase Associate Satisfaction and Increase Associate Retention: What Law Firm Associates Really Want from Their Jobs

The increasingly complex and competitive legal marketplace has forever altered the expectations of both law firms and a....

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The Bonus - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When evaluating when the right time is to make a move, there are many factors that come into play, one of them being you....

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"Lifestyle" Firms and the Legal Market

For those lawyers who have practiced through both the heady hiring frenzy of the late 1990s and the resulting (and inevi....

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