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15 Career Mistakes Attorneys Make Because They Do Not Have the Right Career Information

Find out what information blindness is and how avoiding it can help you avoid these major career mistakes as an attorne....

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Can Rethinking the “Billable Hour” Lead to More Law Firm Gender Equality?

The billable hour has long been a staple of law firms, but it also appears to be hindering gender equality at major law....

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Corporate Clients Lead Charge for Diversity and Inclusion in Law firms

Corporate clients are leading the way when it comes to facilitating change in the diversity and inclusion arena. Using a....

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Law Firms’ Continued Lack of Diversity: Scholars Provide Insight on Reasons and Solutions

Law firms are striving to be more diverse but are facing challenges along the way. This article explains why these chal....

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The Top 15 Reasons Attorneys Should Leave Their Law Firm Jobs and Look for a New Job

Thinking of leaving your law firm and finding a new job? If you are experiencing any of the fifteen reasons discussed b....

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Top Ways that Legal Recruiters Manipulate Attorneys: Be Careful of these Legal Recruiter Tricks

Have you ever been manipulated by a legal recruiter? You may have been without even realizing it. Learn the various tri....

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Questions You May Be Asked during Your Interview at the Firm

This is a list of 26 questions you should expect to be asked during an interview at a law firm, as well as questions yo....

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