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What is the Typical Law Firm Organizations Structure? What is the Hierarchy of Different Positions Inside of Law Firms?

Learn more about how major law firms are divided into classes and hierarchies in this article.....

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The 9 Most Important Characteristics of the Best Law Firm Training Programs

I spoke recently with a very bright and talented young woman, a recent graduate of a good law school who was contemplati....

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Finding Bliss at the Bar: How to Be a Happy Lawyer

I. IntroductionI admit that the phrase ''happy lawyer'' seems like an oxymoron and is likely to induce snickers and scof....

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Why Alternative Work Arrangements Make Sense for Law Firms

A new generation of lawyers is breaking traditions and redefining the practice of law. Here’s why alternative work ar....

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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Attorneys Avoid Overworking and Becoming Addicted to Working All the Time

Here are the top 5 ways you can let associates know that the work they are doing is important, that their well-being is....

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UK Law Firm Mergers with US Firms

A few years ago, many were predicting that the legal industry would see an overwhelming number of mergers between U.S. f....

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The Law Firm Guide to Considering a Part-time Work Arrangement Policy for Attorneys

There are in fact many compelling reasons for a firm, corporation, or other workplace to offer alternative work-time op....

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