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Top 20 Reasons Why There Is No Better Profession Than Practicing Law

Although it is often portrayed in a negative light, the practice of law is a wonderful profession to be a part of. Lear....

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Comprehensive Guide to Eligibility of Foreign Attorneys to Waive into Different State Bars

Learn more about which US states and territories allow foreign attorneys to waive into the bar and what their requireme....

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State by State Bar Admission Requirements

Learn what the bar admission requirements are in every state and territory of the United States.....

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What is Bar Reciprocity and Which States Allow You to Waive Into the Bar?

Have you passed the bar in one state and want to work in another? Find out what your options are in this article.....

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When Relocating, Should I Wait Until I Pass the California Bar Before I Apply for Positions There?

Question:I’m very interested in re-locating to California and have registered to take the next California Bar exam. Ca....

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Texas Lawyer Planning Midwest Move Seeks Info on Rules Regarding Being Waived In

Question:I am currently practicing law in Texas, and while I like aspects of my current job, my wife and I have decided ....

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Unemployed Lawyer Planning to Move Out-of-state Unsure About Bar Issues

Question:I am a second-year associate and was laid off from my job in March 2009. Since then, I have focused my time on ....

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