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The Only Seven Reasons a Law Firm Will Ever Make You a Partner

In this article, you will learn the seven reasons why a law firm would make someone a partner, what it takes to become one, and what obstacles might be in the way.....

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10 Factors That Matter to Big Law Firms More Than Your Law School

There are far more important factors law firms look at if you want to practice law for a long period of time with a good firm than the law school you went to.....

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Top 9 Ways For Any Attorney To Generate a Huge Book of Business

Listen to This Podcast on:In this article, readers will learn how to get clients as an attorney and to recognize that anyone is a potential client and should always be treated that way.....

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Top 6 Things Attorneys and Law Students Need to Remove from Their Resumes ASAP

In this article, you learn about the importance of crafting the right resume for the specific legal job you are seeking. In resume writing, knowing what to leave out is just as important as knowing what to put in.....

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The Top 15 Marketing and Sales Tricks Law Firms Use to Get You to Work There

Listen to This Podcast on:Conceptually, most law firms are very similar places to work.You are expected to sit down at a desk, bill hours, not get in trouble (or make trouble), and complain as little as possible.There is nothing more important for law firms than appealing to the right sorts of attor....

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How Can an Attorney or Law Student Find a Job in a Tight Legal Market?

How can you achieve your dream job in a tight legal market? Find out in this article.....

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How Long Does it Typically Take Law Firms to Respond to Attorney and Law Student Employment Applications?

Ever wonder how long it will take a law firm to respond to your application? Find out how long it typically takes and t....

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How Important is it To Have Local Ties to an Area When You Are an Attorney Applying There?

I’m considering moving to a smaller market like Portland or Seattle. Do I need to have local ties to get into firms i....

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Can an Attorney Make Partner in a Law Firm or Move When Senior Without a Book of Business?

Are you stuck at a firm that doesn’t encourage business development? Are you not gaining the experience you hoped for....

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Should at Attorney Have a Representative Transaction or Representative Matters Sheet When Making a Lateral Move?

Find out why law firms are interested in much more than just your resume in this article.....

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Should an Attorney Lateral to a Smaller Market? Top 5 Factors for Attorneys to Decide When Lateralling to a Smaller Market

Are you considering leaving the big city for a secondary market? Find out the 5 factors you should consider when decidi....

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Are You an Attorney Thinking of Changing Legal Practice Areas? A Guide for Changing Legal Practice Areas for Attorneys

Find out the steps you must take if you want to switch practice groups before you decide to make the switch.....

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