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BCG Attorney Search is widely known to be the most selective recruiting firm in terms of who it represents in the United States. In addition, BCG Attorney Search is the most demanding of its recruiters and is widely considered to be the most rigorous recruiting firm in terms of screening our recruitment staff as you like.

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At BCG Attorney Search we have been doing placements in Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Asian markets since the year 2000.

We were one of the first placement companies in the United States to start doing aggressive placement in Asia and Europe and became so good at it that several of our former recruiters are still doing it today. We are proud of our role in opening up these markets to American attorneys.

  • It is extremely important that you give yourself the most options when you are looking for a job.
  • A search for a job in all corners of the world will help you tremendously.
  • Look everywhere you possibly can for a job.

I have seen some of the strangest miracles occur when people give themselves the leverage to search internationally.

A few years ago, I was working with an attorney from a major American law firm who had lost his job. He was in a niche practice area (project finance) that had few opportunities–if any–at his experience level in the United States. I spoke with the hiring partner of a major UK law firm in Hong Kong, and he agreed to interview my candidate over the phone. Less than 36 hours later, my candidate received a job offer via Federal Express to work in Hong Kong (with a special housing allowance) which paid close to $100,000 a year more than he had been making. This is the type of opportunity you can find when you give yourself options.

On any given week, we have tons of interviews occurring all over the world. In terms of looking for positions in other markets, I highly recommend the experience of working internationally. One of my favorite markets to work in is Dubai. I visit Dubai every three to four months, and law firms throughout the Middle East are very eager to hire the right candidates there. The growth in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets has been staggering. The market of Abu Dhabi has been excellent. We have also seen tremendous growth in Hong Kong.

As an attorney, I highly recommend always leaving your options open. You need to pursue a global strategy with your career. The biggest mistake that most attorneys make is not marketing themselves enough and not getting out there. Whatever practice area you are in, if there are opportunities internationally as well as locally, you need to do whatever you can to take advantage of these opportunities. It is best to give yourself the most options. Getting a job overseas is never all that easy. The main issue, however, is that you need to make an effort to do so. If things are slowing down in your current job, or you are facing a potential layoff, giving yourself an extra option is always a good idea. Plus, it is a great cultural experience to live in another country.

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