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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that we will get you a job if we accept you or else provide you up to $5,000 in free Legal Authority services.

The BCG Attorney Search Guarantee

Unlike any other recruiting firm anywhere in the world-legal or otherwise-BCG Attorney Search is so enthusiastic, passionate, and confident about what it does that we actually guarantee that we will get you a job. We put our money where our mouth is.

BCG Attorney Search started out as a small recruiting firm and grew into a significant and important force in the American legal industry by having a core value that stressed nothing more than getting attorneys jobs. From our first meeting as a group with three recruiters over a decade ago we made it our number one mission to get attorneys jobs. It was something we took so seriously back then that it made most of us teary-eyed in our initial meeting. For us, getting attorneys jobs is the most important thing in the world.

We believe that working with a good recruiter is more effective than any other job-search method. Our recruiters have access to inside information and also know how to present you to law firms. There is a tremendous advantage a job seeker gets from working with an outstanding recruiter because the recruiter knows what it takes to get the person the right job, what to coach the candidate to do and to say, and what to say to the law firm to get the candidate hired. A BCG Attorney Search recruiter is trained to know exactly what to do and what to say to make the right placements happen.

Candidates with outstanding educational and law firm credentials are actually doing themselves a disservice if they are not working with a recruiter. The reason for this is the fact that large law firms will often be suspicious if you are not using a brand name recruiter. Law firms ask themselves why you would possibly not be using a recruiter when you are so highly qualified. This is true for the largest law firms. The smaller law firms do not often use recruiters.

One of the largest concerns many people have when working with recruiters is that they must trust their entire career to the recruiting firm. This can be very scary for them. This is especially so because many people may not have other options if they do not get a job through a recruiter.

Our recruiters know the difference between good and bad recruiters. When our founder was a practicing attorney he worked with three separate recruiters at one point while looking for a job. One of those recruiters got him several interviews, another one or two interviews, and the other none. There is a huge variation in the quality of recruiters out there and people need to be very careful.

When you use BCG Attorney Search for your job search you are not only using a recruiting firm that is dedicated to getting you a job, but a firm that puts its money where its mouth is. If the recruiters at BCG Attorney Search agree to work with you, end up submitting you to law firms, and do not get you the job you want within six months, they will provide you with $5,000-worth of job search services from their sister company, Legal Authority-essentially, this means they will assist you in redoing your resume and cover letter and sending yourself out to over 1,000 firms. The candidates we have done this with, have always gotten a job.

Our founding mission of always getting attorneys jobs resulted in the founding of Legal Authority in 2001. We always did everything within our power to make sure that we successfully placed attorneys. When we could not place attorneys, we assisted them in mailing their resumes out to law firms that do not use recruiters. We actually started doing this as a free service to all of our candidates starting in 2000, and pretty soon we were overwhelmed with people and attorneys from all over the country who had been laid off after 9/11 and could not find jobs because there was no work. Attorneys were flying out to work with us in Los Angeles and we assisted them with their job search at no cost whatsoever. At one point our company was spending more time on this sort of work than we were on actual recruiting. We made this service into a business in late 2001 to form Legal Authority.

We know that when you work with us you and your family are putting your trust in us. We can unequivocally say that we will get every attorney who works with us a job. This is our culture and it is who we are. We take this very seriously. Our mission is to get you the best job possible and it is all we care about. Our recruiters are hired, judged, and rewarded based on their ability to put your interests above their own.

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