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Two Friends Open Firm in Wausau


Two Friends Open Firm in Wausau

After long working side by side as friends for a firm in town, Nathan Krautkramer and Jim Block have realized their dreams of starting their own law firm in Wausau. Their firm is called Krautkramer & Block LLC Law Firm.

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"We both always wanted our own firm and the ability to do things our own way," said Block. "It's also about giving clients another choice. The people here are good, hardworking folk, so be able to help them solve their problems, to let them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that's why we went to law school in the first place. Our priority is to help people."

Useful rhetoric for anyone in the business, and also true motivational grist for those who tire of breaking their back for some mega-firm when they could instead start out on their own.

"Having lived and worked as an attorney in the Wausau area for over 11 years, I'm excited for us to open our firm," said Krautkramer. "We listen to our client's story. We provide tailor-made solutions. We help them carry those plans out. That's what makes us different."

The friends overlap in their focus on business and finance, with Krautkramer specializing in tax audits and tax debt settlement, and Block representing clients with bankruptcies, foreclosures, debt proceedings, and collections.

"That's what's so great about our practices being compatible. We specialize in our own areas and yet still complement each other in a way that gives clients the best legal service they can get," said Block. "If Nathan's working with a client who has tax problems, they likely will have some debt as well, so we can address all of those issues and help the client move forward."

Their new firm celebrated its opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the office on May 19. Their office is located at 3544 Stewart Ave., Wausau.

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