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What Makes a Strong Patent Agent Candidate?

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As a legal recruiter who specializes in patent agents, the most important initial issue that I have to address when I first see a resume or speak to a candidate is whether the candidate is viable in the law firm market. This market is highly competitive. Moreover, the patent agent candidates that get hired by the top firms are not necessarily the best and brightest engineers and scientists. The reality is that I have to turn away many eager and highly talented scientists and engineers because they simply don't meet all of the key requirements for a patent agent in the law firm market. The purpose of this article is to help inform current and aspiring patent agents regarding the actual key requirements used by the major law firms in their hiring decisions. There is one last general point to keep in mind. This market is also complex. It is wise to retain the services of a top notch recruiter who is both knowledgeable and experienced with the law firm market. Although beyond the scope of this article, good recruiters bring high value in a professional job search in terms of information, efficiency and effectiveness.
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