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Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome, from Office Managing Director
The word narcissism comes from the character made famous by the Greek poet Ovid, Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. In the story, Echo falls in love with Narcissus and gets rejected. The story makes clear that Narcissus is only able to love himself and not others. Conversely, Echo completely loses herself in her love for Narcissus and has no sense of self at all. At the end of the story, Narcissus tells Echo, "I would die before I give you power over me." Echo responds, "I give you power over me." Both Narcissus and Echo die because their love is unattainable. Many of us cannot find a balance between ourselves and others.
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Dear Sir:
NES sounds like a serious malady, indeed.

I suspect the incidence of NES is even greater among partners than the 10% estimate you estimate within the associate ranks.

Given partners' hiring and firing, and firm management, authorities, the impact of this Partner NES may be even graver than that caused by NES-afflicted associates, if one can imagine.

I'll look forward to the results of your, no doubt in progress, study of Partner NES.

Prof. Elemental, Esq., VC, KCB

Posted by: JAC

Is appending "Esq." to the end of your own name further evidence of NES?

What blobiating self-important nonsense.

Posted by: Wow

Excellent article explained in the context of Attorneys. I am more interested in its application to rioters, looters, hooligans recently seen on the streets of the UK. "Oh, they have a poor self-image, products of deprivation and no-value - let us do good and kind things for them, put plasma TV's in their cells, give them holidays and group fun, counsel them with understanding and guidance, show them tolerance and love tell them we understand how they have been so deprived..............." So say certain influential sections of a misguided social setup. Wrong wrong! Those agressive rioting, looting, terrorising, arsonist little "young folk" have huge self image, have learned that to get what you want all you have to do is hurt nd frighten, and a big bonus - no punishment ever - just appeasemnt and tolerance. Their narcissistic entitlement, developed from the cradle, learned from action/result gives them an amazing opinion of themselves, "We can do what we like because we are the greatest, we are entitled to your T.V.s, your Lap Tops, all your techno gear, white goods, clothing and Sports things. we can take them from your shops, burn the shops, because we are entitled to the best. The police stand back because we have human rights too." Looking at the expressions on the faces of the law breakers, I did not see one looter carrying away stolen goods who looked sad, deprived, downcast, humble - I saw triumph, delight, raw agression and touch me if you dare. Narcissistic Entitlement is strengthened, encouraged, developed and condoned by the "these are poor deprived children with low self image - let us appease". Wake up and smell the time bomb, it's ticking. Know that Morality and Empathy are deveolpmental, acquired from birth in an appropriate sympathetic enviroment interacting the interested adults who know the score.

Posted by: liz kawrence

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