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Giving Notice from Office
You have just landed a job, and you are experiencing the elation of finally achieving your goal to get the perfect position at an exciting firm. Suddenly, you feel the onset of anxiety upon realizing that you face new challenges, excitement, and uncertainty. The one immediate challenge is that you still have to tell your present employer that you are leaving. You may feel guilty, deceitful, and disloyal. You may feel like a spouse who cheats, like a trusted confidant who reveals secrets, like a dependable accountant who doctors the books, or like a faithful deacon who dips his hands into the Sunday donation basket. Enough already! You have been concentrating on getting the position you were seeking, so much that you have postponed planning your exit. Get past the guilt, and strategize as to whom, how, and when you will give notice that you are leaving.
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Although we are closing down an in-home health care agency...this was a very helpful article as to some details i had not thought about, i.e. tell in person, upon exiting perhaps invite clients & employees to "The Last Supper" event?...smiling, in other words leave on a positive note as suggested in this article...thank you

Posted by: joni calvano

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